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The Bertha Mae Johnson Mims Legacy of Love Foundation
and the 

Legacy Foundation Society


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BERTHA MAE JOHNSON MIMS, October 28, 1928 - June 17, 2017

Bertha Mae Johnson Mims was the first black model for the famed JOHN ROBERT POWERS Modeling Agency in Los Angeles. She never missed a day in her life to be beautiful, lovely and fascinating to all who met her. When she passed on June 17th, her daughter, Dr Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, knew she had to preserve the legacy of her Mother and the one who called her, her Hero! Laying above her only son, Calvin Mims, in Inglewood Cemetery and Memorial Park, who passed in 1984, Bertha Mae also gave birth to 2 additional daughters; Dana Sue Mims and Brenda Winzack Mitchel; who chose to remain silent through her pain and suffering in her later years! NO PROBLEM...THE BEST IS ALWAYS SAVED FOR LAST, and Marcia Ann, known as LULU, picked up the hellfire torch that to this day has not been extinguished nor ever will, to see her mother's dream of singing and happiness shine to her end and beyond....thus The Bertha Mae Johnson Mims Legacy of Love Foundation! 

The Bertha Mae Johnson Mims Legacy of Love Foundation has as its core mission the statement: DO NOT LAY THEM AWAY AND WALK AWAY without remembering their works, life contributions to society and the family they left behind, and to  honor their name and memory, means to honor self, and of course those in our care and life.


We hope you will become a member of this growing foundation dedicated to our loved ones remaining and the works of those who have passed on!


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Biography of Dr. Marcia  Ann Mims Coppertino

OPERATION DOCTORS FOR AFGHANISTAN team members consisted of professionals such as Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, Ph.D, Director of U.S. Operations, who has been a trailblazer in the community, corporate and business world for over four decades since the age of 16, and has assisted companies in advisory business naming, business formation services, business implementation process and business development branding for major corporations and business entities. Dr Coppertino has developed, structured and participated in corporate grand openings/events/galas of major business, healthcare, university, non profit and political organizations. She has also acted as advisor, director, colleague, friend and confidant to businessmen and women from the Pulpit to the White House!


Dr Coppertino has also acted as the West Coast General Tax and Revenue Manager for the Cendant subsidiary, Jackson Hewitt financial Services (JH). In this capacity, Dr Coppertino opened over 40 tax and financial management training offices for JH, trained over 300 employees to become tax agents, and was also the first General Manager to offer placement in financial/tax related offices in local check cashing facilities throughout Los Angeles County. Dynamic and forceful, Dr Coppertino was able to command the dedication and energy in all necessary to fulfil her promise of growth and stability within the operations.


 Under the tenure of Dr Coppertino, a Human Resource Department for JH was opened in California which developed payroll systems for hundreds of California employees. A 20 million dollar California budget was utilized to bring JH into the financial arena from Virginia Beach, Virginia, which led to the designation of JH as second only to H and R Block in the state. 


Dr Coppertino also formerly acted as an Executive Coach and Consultant with Executive Service Corps, which is responsible for advising non profit entities, based in Los Angeles. She participated in closed door sessions to help Executive Directors remain informed and advised on upcoming financial changes in the non profit sector and how to maintain fiscal health in their corporate duties on a day to day basis. 


Dr Coppertino presently advises businesses around the world with tax and business structure, and has a school named after her in Uganda. She is a mother of four; speaks 9 languages; is an accomplished Classical Sacred Music Soprano, lending her voice to hundreds each week through local churches as an avid lover of the human race. Her song repertoire includes spirituals such as: “Steal Away”…”Don’t Be Weary, Traveler”… “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen” and Latin favorites “Panis Angelicus”…”Ave Maria”...”O Cessate Di Piagarmo”. Her works as a community activist, lover of children, animal lover and defender of the people are known to all who know and love her!


Firms she has developed, assisted, advised or counseled, but not limited to are 1,000 Women In White, to be followed by 100 Men In Black Global March for Peace, Faith and Family…which involved and 47 U.S. States across the nation which earned Dr Coppertino recognition from the Mayor of Los Angeles and City Council members. As Diplomatic Counselor of The International Platform for Peace; the sister org of WIW; community peace modalities are her guiding light. Her previous services as Western Regional Coordinator for The Women for Obama Organization; and U.S. Regional Director for WIN WOMEN OF FAITH, 9 U.S. regions, and various other profit and non-profit entities has led to worldwide service projects and additional opportunities to be of service to millions of individuals. Dr Coppertino says her joy in life is to hear the the laughter of children.


Dr. Coppertino has doctoral degrees in Science, Psychology and Comparative Religion and as a mathematician, has tutored students in geometry from the age of 14. She is also a Scuba Diver, Master Couturier Tailor and former Outreach Coordinator for the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine, IG AG. Dr. Dr Coppertino was invited to join research scholars Summer 2016 in Denmark, University of Copenhagen, to study International Conflicts, Relations and Diplomacy Studies.


In closing, the first, one and only west coast TEDDY BEAR HOSPITAL, (MERCY MISSION BEAR HOSPITAL AND ADOPTION AGENCY) is finally coming into full operations to bring cheer and solace to children in hospice centers, children who are terminally ill and those awaiting treatments for life threatening diseases. For an extensive bio with recommendations and affiliations, visit For information on the Mercy Mission Bear Hospital and Adoption Agency, visit www.mercymission

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